Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Leading Jewellery & Watch Retailer commissions Commercial Photographer

Cut out Watch Photographer Leeds Yorkshire UKCreative Watch Photographer Leeds Yorkshire UK
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I was recently commissioned to produce a series of projects by a leading jeweller in the UK.

It was a great pleasure in being chosen to complete the work after working closely with the company to formulate a shooting schedule which not only produced the finished images in good time, but also produced a step forward in the image quality which represented the products for the new aspect for the business.

Working with clients to achieve a positive step forward in the quality of the images that represent their business is a key aspect of being a Commercial Photographer.

Many companies need a professional photographer to promote their products and services on their website and as an experienced commercial photographer working in Leeds and the Yorkshire region I have been involved with a great variety of projects covering Jewellery Photography, Product Photography and Food Photography.

Above you can see an example of one of the photographs produced for the business.

The first stage was to produce the product image as a cut out shot, this process of photography is called this, as the original background is removed, or cut out, in post production.

This is how the jeweller required the images for the e-commerce site. I then, in post production as an alternative to the original shot for my portfolio page, added a black background and a pattern to compliment the watch itself.

Cut out photographs and pack shot photography are often words used to describe the type of commercial photography that a business needs to advertise and promote certain products. This may be for a new venture,  or new offer that the business may be running, what's important here is that the final images work hard to promote the product itself but also the business as a whole, as high quality images always succeed in selling themselves and many business report of increased sales when commissioning a professional photographer.

Please take a look at the Jewellery Portfolio to see more examples.

When you visit my main portfolio website, please also take a look around the other portfolios too, Food Photography, Still life & Product Photography, Creative Photography, People Photography, Locations & Interiors Photography.

I am a commercial photographer in Leeds and work in studio and across the Yorkshire region and the north of England on location producing high quality photography for businesses of all types. Please call or email today to discuss your next commercial photography project.