Thursday, 11 July 2013

Summer starts with a summery studio shoot.

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Well at long last we seem to have some decent summery weather as I write this and in the last couple of weeks I had the great pleasure in working with a local artisan food business.

We carried out the Food Photography in studio for a few reasons, the main one being that you can never reply on the weather to do what you want just at the right time.

The new food product is Lassi ( a yogurt based drink ) which is an extension to a very successful product range by local food business

The image shown here shows the product shot in a garden table setting.

Food & product photography is a growing sector, with many food businesses particularly here in the Yorkshire region starting up all the time.

The importance of presenting your products well is clearly an important factor to letting people know who you are, what your product looks like and the brand identity which you wish to communicate.

Even for a one person enterprise, if you are to develop your business online, with Twitter and Facebook & with your own website, positive & well presented images are a hugely important element.

I have shot food and product photography for the whole of my professional career, now in my 17th Year and can produce hard working images that you need to move your products forward at a cost which will not break the bank.

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