Friday, 28 February 2014

New food photographs for social enterprise business.

photographer, leeds, professional, shoot, food
Roasted Vegetables and couscous

photographer, leeds, professional, shoot, food
Vegetarian pizza
Here are the shots from a recent shoot for a social enterprise business.

I have worked with this business over a number of years. They deliver cookery classes for beginners, and for their new website, we embarked upon a series of food images to illustrate the cookery classes and the recipes which will be carried out.

As a food photographer, one of the most important factors is to tell the story that's within the picture as quickly as possible, particularly in the retail or commercial sector or here when the brief was to see as much of the food as possible to enable the new cookery class pupil to see what is is they would be making when they enroll on the course.

Working in commercial photography in Leeds brings a great variety of work in front of my camera and food shoots are a real favorite ( well, who wouldn't want to work with food? )

If you are a food business and are looking to produce new food images for your website, online menu etc.. then please get in touch via the website:

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