Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Preparing for a Food Photography project

Over the last few days I have been busily preparing for a food shoot.

The project requires a lot of people's input and involves arranging a great deal of information to be collected to make sure the food shoot goes as well as possible.

It such an important part of the photographic process I thought I'd jot down a few pointers for you, if you are planning your next shoot.

1. Know what you want, be clear about which shots are required and how they will be utilized.
2. Once you know the images you need, where will they be used, crop requirements etc..
3. Props and other items needed for the food photograph.
4. Deciding who has final approval over the images produced is very important.
5. Schedule dates and times so that everyone that needs to be involved can be available.

Luckily this project is very well organised, and everybody involved is experienced in organising and taking part in the overall photographic process. So I can't wait to get started on this project. Will be posting images from the shoot in due course.

Until then here's a snap shot of what can be found in my current food portfolio.

Phillip Shannon Professional Food Photographer studio shots of fish products
I am a Food Photographer based in Leeds, Yorkshire, and can shoot food for you in studio or on location in and around the area, or further afield, just contact via the website

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Food Photography with a difference

I was recently commissioned to produce some food photography, with a slight twist. The shoot was to create an image based on a very particular brief.

The image was to form the basis of a logo, and as such had to be very graphic in its structure, so I set about breaking down the problem into elements to ease into the photographic shoot ahead of me.

The food shoot was to photograph an orange with its peel rising up in a spiral above the main body of the fruit, as if it was floating.

I have shown the finished image below and the elements involved in the photographic approach to this particular studio shoot.
Food Photographer orange peel image

As a food photographer and working in the commercial world, this type of shoot is a great one to tackle, as it involves working to a particular brief as part of the overall marketing plan, something which I have a lot of experience with.

Based in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK, I have been fortunate to work with a great deal of food brands, businesses and marketing or advertising agencies across the region and around the UK.

My food portfolio shows a wider variety of work undertaken throughout recent years. Please visit the website here: