Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Food Shots for Local Business

Food Photographer Location Shoot
© Phillip Shannon Photography - Food Photographer UK
I was recently commissioned to spend the day at a fantastic local food business.

The business is actually a farm and sells much of the things they produce in their own farm shop, the business also has a wonderful restaurant onsite preparing freshly made meals often with their own meat and vegetables.

This kind of location photography offers various challenges to the commercial photographer, and one word springs to mind " flexibility ".

Being able to switch from one type of scenario to the next, with relative ease comes from spending many years carrying out commercial photography for a variety of businesses and clients.

Dealing with changeable location settings, and working with natural daylight and flash too are skills which you'd expect your photographer to harness with good effect.

Working very closely with my client before and during the shoot meant that they could see the images being taken as it happened, advise, and control each scenario as it unfolded so that each image was working very hard to answer each and every design and marketing question the client had set.

Planning the shoot was the key to the success of this project, we held meetings and spoke many times before the camera and flash lights were unpacked. The graphic designer gave valuable art direction, during the shoot to, this graphic input was vital as the website design and other marketing platforms were all considered.

Working as a Professional Food Photographer I have carried out a huge variety of food shoots on location and within the studio too. Please visit my main portfolio site to view the Food Portfolio.

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