Monday, 23 September 2013

Keeping one step ahead with commercial photography.

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In recent weeks I have been involved with a multitude of clients and projects, working in studio and on location.

This mix of photography is very much welcomed and dealing with a different set of photographic puzzles is what commercial photography is all about.

A common thread through these projects for the clients was one of ” keeping one step ahead “

All of them realised that producing high quality commercial shots of their products was an integral part of their overall marketing plan.

We are often told we live in a 24/7 global village, blah, blah, blah, but actually for any business whether you are in Leeds or Los Angeles presenting your business website in a professional manner to your local audience is a vital element on how well your business website or brochure performs.

Another common element in my work has been the needs of the clients to keep the images on their website refreshed and up to date, when new product lines become available.

As a consumer you will know how interesting it is to visit a retail website that is updated on a regular basis with new products on show, new offers and discounts. Also how turned off we are, when a website seems to offering the same products, for the same costs with little or no offers visible.

Keeping your products looking attractive to existing and probably more importantly new customers is achievable only with professional commercial photography.

Commercial photographs that are used on your website or in your business brochure that do not convey the products or services that you offer in a professional manner will seriously degrade your offering to the potential customers who may be interested in doing business with you.

Keep them on board with professional photography.

Phillip Shannon is a Professional Photographer with over 17 years experience in the commercial sector, the website here shows a large ranging portfolio, anything from Food photography to product shots and location interiors of your business premisses.

Phillip Shannon can deliver hard working images to you without fuss and to a budget to suit your particular needs.

Contact Leeds based Photographer Phillip Shannon Today.

0113 240 9982 or 07984 020 955

The portfolios cover Food Photography, Product & Still Life Photography, Jewellery PhotographyCreative Photography, People Photography, Location & Interiors Photography

All images here & on the portfolio website are © Phillip Shannon and should not be copied, downloaded or published in any way without prior arrangement with Phillip Shannon Photography.

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